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Yahoo! Site Explorer Overview

Yahoo! Site Explorer Overview

Update November 2011: Yahoo! Site Explorer is no longer available:

With the completion of algorithmic transition to Bing, Yahoo! Search has merged Site Explorer into Bing Webmaster Tools. Webmasters should now be using the Bing Webmaster Tools to ensure that their websites continue to get high quality organic search traffic from Bing and Yahoo!. Site Explorer services will not be available from November 21, 2011.

Site Explorer Reminder – Yahoo! Search Blog

If you like to collect statistics about your website or blog you may want to add Yahoo!’s Site Explorer to your source of statistics. Like Google’s Webmaster Tools, this is a web based service. i.e. you have to login to see the information collected.

Yahoo! Site Explorer does provide some information (that anyone can see) without site ownership verification but to get all the information Yahoo! has you have to register your site and verify ownership.

Once you register your site and verify it, this information is now available to you:

Site Explorer General Summary

As the title suggests, this page gives you a summary of information Yahoo! has about the site.

  • Authentication Status

    Confirmation that you have verified the site with Yahoo!

  • Number of Authenticated Users

    How many people have access to this information. If it’s more than 1 and you haven’t given access to anyone else you better check who else has access to this information.

  • Title of Home Page

    Title of your site or blog registered.

  • Number of Feeds

    Number of feeds registered for the site.

  • Number of Pages Indexed

    Number of indexed pages is shown.

  • Actions on Site

    Corrections you asked Yahoo! to make about your site.

  • Dynamic URL Rewrites

    Instructions you gave Yahoo! to rewrite your dynamic urls.

  • Key Terms

    Keyword terms and phrases you are being found for in Yahoo!’s search.

  • Delicious Activities

    How many bookmarks you have at Delicious.

  • Top Delicious Tags

    Top tags your pages have at Delicious.

  • SearchMonkey Objects

    Documents, products, games, local, video, discussion, news and events noted in SearchMonkey.

There is quite of information right there on the General Summary page of Yahoo! Site Explorer.

Site Feeds Registered with Site Explorer

Under the Feeds section you have the option to add any of the following feeds associated with your website or blog:

  • Web Site Feed
  • Mobile Feed – XHTML
  • Mobile Feed – WML
  • Structured data feed

For a list of the types of feeds accepted see Feed Formats Supported by Yahoo! Site Explorer

Registering your feed with Yahoo! Site Explorer will also notify Microsoft about the feed.

Crawl Errors

Crawl errors shows the type for crawl error and which pages the error was encountered on.

Search Traffic

The Search Traffic section (noted as beta as of this writing) gives you search traffic stats you can view by day, week or month.

  • Top 10 Querirs

    The top 10 queries that lead to a visit to your site.

    Shows views, clicks, CTR (click through rate) and average position.

  • Top 10 URLs

    The top 10 web pages that were viewed from the search results.

    Like the Top 10 Queries this tab shows views, clicks, CTR (click through rate) and average position.

  • Trends

    Trends shows a summary of your views, clicks and click through rate for the last month by default. This can be adjusted for a specific time frame.

Website Statistics

Under the Statistics link you will see:

  • Crawled Pages
  • All Known Pages
  • Known Hosts on This Site
  • Hosts linking to Site
  • Domains linking to Site
  • Hosts Outlinked from Site
  • Domains Outlinked from Site

Authentication Status

The Authentication Status link shows you have verified your site with Yahoo! Site Explorer.


Under the Actions link you can request a url be deleted or specify up to 10 dynamic parameters you want Yahoo! Site Explorer to rewrite.

The delete url function is useful but like specifying instructions in Google Webmaster Tools, telling Yahoo! Site Explorer to rewrite certain urls will only apply to Yahoo! so this would be better handled on-site so you only have to do it once for all search engines.

That is it for this basic preview of Yahoo! Site Explorer. As you can see it provides useful information about your site within Yahoo! search so it is worth signing up for this.

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3 Responses to “ Yahoo! Site Explorer Overview ”

  1. [...] but to get all the information Yahoo! has you have to register your site and verify ownership. [...]

  2. M.-J. Taylor says:

    Is there a good reason to use both Google’s and Yahoo’s?

    • Hmm, I came up with a couple:
      Less work if you want to get into all 3 major search engines

      Registering your feed with Yahoo! Site Explorer will also notify Microsoft about the feed.

      Get to see the number of pages indexed at Yahoo!
      Logged in:

      Number of Pages Indexed: 1,267

      Logged out:

      Pages: 1103