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What is a Blog?

What is a Blog?

When at a networking event, or in general conversation, has someone asked you if you have a blog? If you own a business, has your web designer, business coach or marketing team suggested that you have a blog yet? Do you know what a blog is?

People Keep Talking About Blogs

Lots of people are into blogging. So, what is a blog?

A blog is a website using special software to create a series of articles and pages containing various information they wish to share with the world.

Blog is short for weblog. Weblogs started out as an online means of journaling. People originally used weblogs (blogs) as online diaries but today they can be used for lots of different things.

Blog posts (entries) are shown in reverse chronological order on the home page of the blog. If you go to the home page of Basic Computer Information, you will see the latest posts to this blog.

What is a Blog Comprised of?

Blogging Software

A blog is comprised of a blogging software package where your posts and pages are stored in a database.

Blog Theme

When someone refers to a blog’s theme it can mean two different things:

  • A blog theme can refer to the visual appearance of the blog. There are lots of sites where you can get ideas for or download blog themes. The blog theme in this case, is integrated into your blogging software and formats the look of the blog.
  • The other meaning of a blog theme is what the blog is about, or it’s subject. When you decide to have a blog, you have to decide what subject you are going to write about.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are the articles you write on your blog. This website is a blog. Notice in the navigation column there is a list of recent posts (articles) that have been added to Basic Computer Information.

Blog Pages

Blog pages are static pages on your blog. These are usually the About Us, Sitemap and Contact Us pages within your blog. Some other pages on the blog could also be:

  • Your privacy policy
  • Terms of Use
  • Advertise Here

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are files within your blog that your visitors can use to keep up to date with the latest posts on your blog using a RSS feed reader online or installed on their computer. Each time you add a post, the article title and a blurb are added to the feed. The RSS feed notifies your subscribers that an article has been added to your blog.

Blog Categories

Blog categories are a means to organize your blog posts. When you create a blog post, you “file it” under a category. Now when a visitor wants to read just your posts about a certian topic. Example, say someone came to Basic Computer Information looking for basic computer skills, when they just click the basic computer skills link under the category section of the navigation they will see a list of all the posts filed under basic computer skills.

Blog Authors

A blog can have one or more authors. A blog author is a person who writes (posts) entries to the blog.

Blog Content

Blog content can include:

  • Text – written words about a subject related to the theme of your blog.
  • Images – images you wish to share with your visitors.
  • Videos – videos can be inserted into your blog to enhance your visitor’s understanding of the post’s subject or just for fun and comments.
  • Links – links to other blogs. The links on your blog can be to your friends blogs (filed under Blogroll), or within the text of your post.

Blog Comments

Blog comments are at the end of your posts. There is a box at the bottom of this article for example, where you can leave a question or comment about this article. The comments section on your blog is where your visitors can interact with you by asking questions or leaving comments about the article.

Blog Subjects

The subject (or also referred to as the theme in this case) can be on anything you want. To be successful at blogging you need to pick the type of blog you wish to create, and then keep to that theme.

Types of Blogs

There are various types of blogs around now.

  • Personal blogs – blogs that people write about their personal life
  • Corporate blogs – businesses have blogs to keep customers informed on what’s new or to share information about their products or services.
  • Media blogs – news type blogs where the author(s) post the latest news information related to a subject.
  • Topical blogs – blogs that focus on one topic. Basic Computer Information is a topical blog for example, and so is Web Page Mistakes.

What is a Blog Related Reading

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    ah.. very nice article.. I would like to add something… Its true people used to write blogs for fun earlier but now its a serious business like any other net business … Its helps you bring huge traffic to your site and improve your page ranking… and now a days we even find many celebrities have started writing blogs for publicity ….

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