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Web Browser History

Web Browser History

People have different reasons to clear browser history:

  • To protect their privacy when other people have access to the same computer.
  • To generally “clean up” their computer system to conserve space on the hard drive.
  • Someone designing a website needs to test the website for changes in link styles or additional links.

Each time you visit a web page the browser records the web page location in it’s browser history. The idea of this is that if you remember visiting a site you can look it up in the browser history. How far back in time you can look up in the browser history depends on how you have the browser set up. How the browser history is organized also depends on the browser.

Below are tutorials on how to set up the browser history in different browsers and how to clear browser history without a separate program.

Set up Web Browser History

Internet Explorer Web Browser History

Firefox Web Browser History

Clear Web Browser History

Clear Web Browser History in Internet Explorer 6

Clear Web Browser History in Firefox

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