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Rename Desktop Shortcuts

Rename Desktop Shortcuts

Rename Desktop Shortcuts

When you create a desktop shortcut, by default Windows adds Shortcut to in front of the file or folder name the shortcut is for.

If you decide to use Auto Arrange to arrange the desktop shortcuts on your Windows desktop, all the icons with Shortcut to will be grouped.

Also, with Shortcut to added to the beginning of the name of the shortcut, the name of the file or folder the desktop shortcut is for may not be visible. By default, Windows only allows a certain amount of space below the desktop icon for it’s name.

Rename Desktop Shortcuts

It’s quite easy to rename a desktop shortcut.

  1. Left click the icon you wish to edit.

    The icon will become selected.

  2. Gently single left click the desktop shortcut name of the selected icon.

    The name will be highlighted and have a box around it.

  3. Now you can either select and delete the Shortcut to part in front of the shortcut name or select the whole name and retype what ever name you wish.
  4. Left click any empty area on the desktop to accept the new name.

That’s it! You are done!

Now that you have taken the time to rename desktop shortcuts they will be easier to read.

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