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Organize Favorites Internet Explorer 6

Organize Favorites Internet Explorer 6

When you look in your Favorites list of bookmarks is there one great long list? Do you remember why you bookmarked each and every page? Organizing the bookmarks in your Favorites list will be a time saver.

In this tutorial you will learn how to organize all those bookmarks into subfolders within the Favorites list. The subfolders can be named whatever you like just name them so the Favorites you save can be filed in a better organized manner.

There are various ways to do things in Internet Explorer 6. Here are the easiest methods I know:

These instructions are for Internet Explorer 6. If you use another browser you should be able to adapt them for your browser.

Create a New Folder While Bookmarking a Page

  1. Go to the page you want to bookmark/add to your favourites.
  2. Click Favorites in the top menu bar then Add to Favorites.
  3. The Add Favorite dialogue box appears. The title from the web page will be in the name box. Click the Create In button if your dialogue box does show a list.
  4. Select the folder you want to create a new folder in. Click New Folder on the right. The Create New Folder dialogue box appears.
  5. Type in the new folder’s name.
  6. Click Ok.

You’re done!

Revised: October 06, 2006

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