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Microsoft Office Online File Converters and Viewers

Microsoft Office Online File Converters and Viewers

Are you having problems opening a Microsoft Office file or importing information from another product into your Office program? Microsoft has converters and viewers available that may solve your problem.

Have you sent or received a Microsoft Office file that cannot be opened? There can be different reasons for the problem other than the file is corrupt:

  1. You do not have Microsoft Office.
  2. Your version of Office is older than the version the document you received was created in.
  3. You have sent a document to someone with an older version of Office than yours.

One solution to the above problems is to ask the sender to resave the document in another format or version. Another solution would be to use the Microsoft Office Online File Converters and Viewers.

You may want to transfer information from one product to a Microsoft Office product. This can be done with one of the Microsoft converters.

Microsoft has online file converters and viewers available within the Office section of their website. The Microsoft Office Assistance: Office Online File Converters and Viewers page has viewers and converters for the following products:

  • Access viewers – Access 97, Access 2000 and Access 2002
  • Excel converters and viewers – Excel 2003 viewers, Excel 2000 converters and viewers and Excel 97 converters
  • Outlook converters and viewers – Outlook 2000 converters and Outlook 97/98 converters
  • Word converters and viewers – Word 2003 viewers, Word 2002 converters, Word 2000 viewers and converters, and Word 97 viewers and converters
  • PowerPoint converters and viewers – PowerPoint 2003 viewers, PowerPoint 2002 viewers, PowerPoint 2000 converters and viewers, and PowerPoint 97 converters and viewers
  • Microsoft Project converters – Microsoft Project 2000 converters
  • Visio converters and viewers – Visio 2003 viewers, Visio 2002 viewers and Visio 2000 converters
  • Converters and viewers for Macintosh users – Mactopia downloads

Using Microsoft Office Assistance: Office Online File Converters and Viewers

Once you are on the Microsoft Office Assistance: Office Online File Converters and Viewers page find the suitable converter or viewer for the file you are having troubles opening.

  1. Left click the link to the converter/viewer you need.
  2. Left click the name of the appropriate converter/viewer you need.
  3. On the product download page there is more information about the download.

    There is an Overview of what the converter/viewer will do.

    Make sure you check the System Requirements section on this page before downloading.

    The instructions for installation and removal are on this page also.

Now that you have the Microsoft file converter/viewer installed you should be able to open the file that you received or are trying to convert.

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