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How to Make a Folder in Windows

How to Make a Folder in Windows

To keep things organized on your computer, create folders for different documents, files and/or subjects.

Once your documents are well organized on the computer this will make it easier to find items and setup scheduled tasks like backing up your data.

Create a Folder in Windows

  1. On the desktop (main screen), right click the My Computer icon.
  2. Select Explore from the list that appears.

    The screen will change, exposing a window with two panes. On the left is a list of all your drives and on the right is a list of the drives sorted in categories.

  3. To keep things simple we are going to create a folder in My Documents. Click My Documents.

    The screen changes. The left side of the window lists all the folders already in the My Documents folder. On the right is a list of the existing folders in My Documents.

  4. Right click in any empty space in the right pane.
  5. Select New from the list and it will expand. Select Folder from the new list.

    A new folder is created at the bottom of the list of files and folders with the name New Folder. It will be highlighted if you haven’t moved the mouse.

  6. Type in a name for the folder. e.g. Letters
  7. Hit Enter key and the folder will have the new name you typed.

That’s it. You are done.

You will notice that the folder you just made is at the bottom of the list of files and folders. To sort the list in alphabetical order (folders automatically are listed first) right click in any blank area in the right pane and select Refresh. The screen will blink and the files and folders will be sorted in alphabetical order.

You don’t have to only create folders in My Documents. You can create them anywhere.

So now that you know how to make a folder in Windows, get those files organized! It will save you time searching for files.

Revised: January 22, 2006

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18 Responses to “ How to Make a Folder in Windows ”

  1. rahul indoria says:

    thank u,i learn how to make a folder in windows

  2. Kayte says:

    For a computer “newbie”…this was most helpful…thank you.

  3. MIKE says:

    I’m still confused on how to make a folder for all of my Inbox Mail. I want to do this so i can put all of info on a disc. I’m using someone else’s computer right now and I don’t want to leave this info. on it when I get my own. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks a lot Mike.

  4. Mike,

    You will have to make a folder on the computer (or removable disk) then backup your emails from the computer you are using to the removable disk.

    If you have an user name on this computer, you will have to find where the email program is storing your emails on the hard drive. e.g. In Outlook Express if you look under Tools, Options, Maintenance, Store File you will see the path to where Outlook Express is storing your emails on the hard drive.

    If that’s too complicated, you could select the email, File, Save As, then navigate to the removalable drive, then Save.

  5. clyde says:

    thanks alot since i have been able to understand how i can create folders in my computer i realy appreciate the information given to me by this source

  6. Shelly says:

    What do you do if you don’t have a my computer icon on your desktop?

  7. samruddhi says:

    thank u very much.this was the first time i have created a folder on windows.this source was a wonderful guide in helping me to create a folder on windows.

    thank you so much once again.

  8. denznet says:

    Thank you, this will be very helpful to the newbies. They will also learn how to organize their files. Nice Post

  9. Marietta Dickison says:

    I cannot find any information about How to make a folder that applies to the same name, but with different informtion in it. I want to keep all of one category into one folder, etc.
    Thank You

  10. richard ferrell says:

    thank you. this is the best site i have come across. directions were clear and direct

  11. satish says:

    I sent a e mail to my son.I would like to save its contents to my folder.How can I do?

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