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Internet Explorer Web Browser History

Internet Explorer Web Browser History

As discussed in Web Browser History there are various reasons someone would wish to limit the amount of information in the browser history of Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer can be setup to limit the amount of browser history that is kept on your computer. It can be set to keep no browser history or a certain number of days worth of web browser history.

Setting the web browser history to a limited amount will help conserve space on the hard drive of your computer if space is an issue.

Setting Up Web Browser History in Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer you can set how much web browser history you wish to save.

  1. Click Tools in the top menu bar of Internet Explorer.
  2. Select Internet Options from the list that appears.

    The Internet Options dialog box appears.

  3. Make sure the General tab is selected.
  4. The third section down is called History. In this section is a spot where you can set how many days of browser history to keep. Change the number of days using the arrows to the right of the days box.

    Using the up arrow increases the number of days of browser history that is recorded.

    The down arrow decreases the number of days of browser history that is recorded.

  5. Click Ok to apply your changes and exit the Internet Options dialog box.

Once you have set the Internet Explorer web browser history the next time you use the History feature it will only list the past number of days of web browser history that you selected.

Revised: January 22, 2006

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4 Responses to “ Internet Explorer Web Browser History ”

  1. Pubank says:

    My point is the opposite. Despite I´ve setted up to keep browser history for 20 days, as soon I reset the PC no one is keeped there… I lost too much time retyping URL which are not on Bookmarks.

  2. Pubank,
    If you have any spyware cleanup software running or maybe it’s part of your anti virus program, your browser history will be deleted by a cleanup process as protection from someone using your computer and seeing where you have visited on the internet.

    Check the settings on everything. I suspect that something is setup to clear your browser history on shut down or start up.

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  4. urlsbag says:

    Thanks for the information I had alot of problems caused by the IE and its history but the more i read over the net on how to make the IE better am getting to like it
    thank you again

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