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Getting Started with Pinterest

Getting Started with Pinterest


Getting started with Pinterest is easy. All you need is an email address, a Twitter or Facebook account (if you want to connect your Pinterest account with one of these other social networking sites and a password.

First, if Pinterest is new to you we will explain what Pinterest is.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social networking site where you can collect and share interesting images you find on the net. You can also pin your own images.

With Pinterest you can also browse what other people are pinning (adding to their Pinterest page). Find something you like? While logged in, there will be some options at the top of each image. You can Like it, make a comment or repin (add to your own Pinterest boards).

Pins (images added) can be sorted into what Pinterest calls boards. These are panels within your Pinterest home page where you can add images sorted by topic.

Pinterest is a great way to ideas for any project on your To Do List, your wish list or to just collect pictures you like.

Now you know what Pinterest is you need a few things on hand before signing up.

What You will Need to Sign Up at Pinterest

Before going to Pinterest to sign up you will need:

  1. A Twitter or Facebook account if you wish to connect to either of these other social networking sites to fetch your initial information.

    There are only these two choices of other social networks at the moment for direct connection. You will connect your Twitter or Facebook account to your Pinterest account to fill in some intial information for your Pinterest profile. Have your Twitter or Facebook login information handy if you have not memorized it. You won’t be able to proceed without it if you choose this option for signing up.

  2. An email to connect to Pinterest.

    If you do not have a Twitter or Facebook account or do not wish to connect your Pinterest account with either of these services below the Twitter and Facebook buttons there is an option to signup using just an email address. You will need an email address anyways, even if you use the Twitter or Facebook options.

    Pinterest will initially send you a confirmation email which you have to click the link in to confirm your registration.

    You will also get emails when someone repins your pins or follows your Pinterest account.

    If you have an email just for Pinterest (pinterest@yourdomain.com) then all the emails Pinterest sends you will be together plus if you are using an email client on your computer you could sort these emails into folders. e.g. Followers, Repins, General Messages, etc. It’s also a great way to keep track of how people found you, should they send you a message.

  3. About a half hour to get things initially set up.

    Below are the basic steps to get started with Pinterest. These should take no more than a half hour to complete. However if you could block out a bit more time that would be better so you can familiarize yourself with everything at Pinterest.

There are 2 stages to signing up at Pinterest. First you need to create an account then you will be asked to select five initial pins (images) to add to your Pinterest page.

Create an Account at Pinterest

Go to Pinterest’s signup page to get started creating your account.

  1. Select which method you wish to use to sign up with Pinterest via.

    As mentioned above you do have the option to signup using just an email address. Scroll down below the Twitter and Facebook buttons to see that option.

    Left click one of the options available.

    You will be taken to the next screen where you enter more signup information.

  2. Create your account.

    This is the screen where you will enter:

    • Your Pinterest user name.

      No spaces allowed. Your user name needs to be a squished version of the name you go by.

    • The email address you will be using for Pinterest.

      As noted above, using a separate email address for Pinterest has many advantages.

    • A password.

      For best security it is advised that you use a different password for each online account you have. This makes it more difficult for people to gain access to your online account. If you need help creating a secure password, use PC Tools Password Generator. Be sure to write down the password you created. Once you leave the page it will be gone.

    • Select your gender.

      There is an option of Unspecified if you do not want to devulge your gender.

    • Your Image

      On the left is a spot for your image. This will be your icon/avatar beside any pins, comments or repins you make.

      If you used the Twitter or Facebook option to signup your image from that service will be in the box. You can change it now or later.

      For those who signed up using the email option, there is a button in the box for you to upload an image now.

      Your image can be changed at any time via your settings screen.

    The next screen wants you to populate your new Pinterest account with some pins.

  3. Make Some Initial Pins

    On this page there are some images for you to pin. There is also a set of 5 small boxes across the bottom of the screen where you can keep track of which and how many images you have pinned. You have to pin 5 images to continue.

    • Scroll down the page to see the suggestions Pinterest has for you. Keep scrolling, the bottom of the samples keeps growing.
    • Left click an image to add to one of the five spots at the bottom of your screen.
    • Once you have your five selections done the Continue button appears, left click it.

    After clicking the Continue button you are taken to the Pinterest home page. There will be a yellow banner across the top of the page with a notice to check your email for your confirmation email.

  4. Confirmation Email

    Check the email account you entered in the registration screen.

    • The confirmation email has a button you need to click to confirm your registration.

      Clicking this button will open a tab in your browser and take you to your home page on Pinterest.

That is it. You now have a Pinterest account.

Review Your Pinterest Settings

You can view your Pinterest settings at any time using the dropdown menu in the top right of the screen.

  1. In the top right of the screen is the user name you selected.

    Left click it to expose a dropdown list of tasks you can do.

    Select the Settings option from the dropdown menu.

    Takes you to the settings screen.

  2. In the settings screen you can review and edit:

    Your General Account Information

    • the email address Pinterest uses to contact you.
    • your password.
    • your language.
    • your gender.

    Your Profile information

    (this information is public)

    • First and Last name.
    • Your Pinterest user name URL (web address).

      Make note of this web address. You will need it to find yourself on Pinterest plus so you can invite people to connect with you on Pinterest. e.g. Put a Follow Us on Pinterest icon on your website.

    • Your profile image (icon, avatar)

      Pinterest fetched your avatar from Twitter or Facebook (which ever one you connected to when signing up above) as a default image. You can change this if you wish in this screen.

    • About information.

      This box is filled in with the About information from the service you used above to signup. You can edit it if you wish.

    • Location

      If you want people to know where you are based out of fill in your location.

    • Website

      Fill in your website or blog address. People who find you on Pinterest (as with other social networking sites) may want to check out your website or blog after seeing your pin boards.

    • Search Privacy

      This option is defaulted to the Off position.

      If you do not want the search engines to find your Pinterest url and your Pinterest boards, slide the button to the right to turn it On.

    There is one more section to look at in your settings section, the Social Networks section.

    Social Networks

    In this section you set whether you want to be able to login with your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

    1. Facebook

      Slide the button to the right to turn on this option.

      A new tab opens taking you to Facebook’s login screen ready for you to login if you are not already.

    2. Twitter

      Slide the button to the right to turn on this option.

      A new tab opens taking you to Twitter’s application authorization screen. You will need to log into Twitter if you are not already.

  3. Save Profile

    At the bottom of the screen is the Save Profile button. Left click the button to save changes you have made.

    You will be taken to your home page on Pinterest.

Logging In and Out of Pinterest

You will remain logged into Pinterest unless you use the menu at the top right to logout. This can be a good and bad thing. The good part is when surfing the web it will be easier and quicker to pin items you find that you would like to add to your Pinterest boards. The bad part of staying logged in is that anyone that sits at the computer can post to your Pinterest account and/or change your settings. As with any account you access via the web, security cautions need to be considered. We error on the
side of caution and log out when leaving Pinterest.

Explore the Potential of Pinterest

Give Pinterest a try. It could lead to you making new friends and new followers on your website or blog.

If you have any questions, ask away in the comment section below.

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