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Folder Details View

Folder Details View

Sometimes when working with files it would be nice to see file details like file name, file size and date last modified. This can be done by changing the Folder view to Details.

The Folder Details view can be adjusted to show as much or as little file information as you like.

Setting Folder View to Details

In this tutorial we will be using the View menu at the top of the Folder view.

  1. Open the folder you wish to change to Details view.

    If you opened the folder from Windows Explorer there will be 2 panels (panes) on the screen.

    For those of you who opened the folder from My Computer or My Documents, click the Folders icon in the top menu bar to expose the expanded Folder view. This will make it easier for you to follow the rest of the tutorial (We’ll all be looking at the same screen.)

  2. Left click in a blank spot of the right panel (pane).

    When you open the Folder view so it has 2 panels (panes) the focus is on the left one. We want to work on the right panel (pane) so by clicking on the right side we have changed the focus.

  3. Left click the View menu item in the top menu bar.

    The View menu expands.

  4. Left click Details from the list of menu items that appeared.

    The right panel (pane) will change to show the files in a list and there will be columns of file information.

That was pretty easy, wasn’t it?

If Name, Size and Date Modified is not enough information for you, you can add information to the Folder Details view.

More Information in Folder Details View

You can set the Folder Details view more information about the files if you wish using the Choose Details menu item under the View menu.

  1. Left click View from the top menu bar.

    The View menu will expand.

  2. Left click Choose Details… from the exposed menu.

    A dialog box will appear with a list of details you can choose from.

  3. Left click in the box to the detail information you wish to see about each file.

    The more you select the more columns will be added to the Folder Details view.

  4. After you have selected which Folder Details you wish to see you can use the Move Up and Move Down buttons on the right of the dialog box to set the order the columns will appear in.
  5. While in the Choose Details dialog box you can also set the column widths in the bottom left of the dialog box.

    The smaller you set the columns, the more columns you will see without scrolling if you have selected a lot of information columns.

    Don’t make the columns too small or you won’t be able to see the information without adjusting the column widths manually.

  6. When you have finished selecting the Details information you wish to see, left click the Ok button at the bottom of the dialog box.

    The dialog box will close and the columns for each of the Details information will appear in the right panel (pane) of the Folders view.

Setting the Folders view to Details makes it so much easier to see the details of a file than placing your mouse over the file icons in the default Icons view of the folders.

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2 Responses to “ Folder Details View ”

  1. Lacy Smith says:

    Is there a quick way to move an item from the bottom of that long list to the top, other than the slow process of “move up” / “Move Down”.

    e.g., I wanted to add “type” to my details. I had to select the “move up” button approximately 320 times. Seems I missing something somewhere. Please assist.

    Thank you


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