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Fighting Email Spam

Fighting Email Spam

In our previous article, How Spammers Get Email Addresses we looked at how spammers get your email address and how you help them along. Fighting spam can be time consuming and costly. In this article we will look at different techniques used when fighting spam.

Fighting Email Spammers on Your Website

Spammers use various techniques to gather email addresses from websites. Here’s some solutions:

  1. Use an HTML Email Form on Your Website

    An HTML email form that is coded correctly will fight the spammer bots. Here’s how to create an HTML form that the spammers can’t spider:

  2. Use JavaScript to Create the MailTo Link

    It is possible to use JavaScript to create the mailto link. A word of cause though, make sure that the script is not easily decipherable by the spambots. Not all email JavaScripts are effective in hiding the email address. Also, the visitor may have JavaScripts disabled.

Fighting Email Spammers on Your Computer

Spam email has arrived in your email. What can you do now?

  1. Report Spammers to Their ISP

    You can look at the message source and find their ISP (Internet Service Provider) then file a formal complaint of the abuse.

  2. Report Spammers to their Web Hosting Company

    As explained in How Spammers Get Email Addresses, you can look up their web hosting information then file a formal complaint of the abuse.

  3. Use a Different Email Address for Signups

    If you are going to give out your email address to places you sign up for then use a different email address than the ones your customers would use.

  4. Use Spam Filter Software

    There are various Spam Filter software programs available. Choose a reputable one. Some of the “free” ones are actually spammers.

  5. Use the Block Feature in Your Email Program

    Your email program may have a Blocked Senders List feature. When you get an email from spammers add them to the Blocked Senders List.

  6. Use a Filter within Your Email Program

    You could set up a filter in your email program to throw all email from a certain domain (say yahoo.com) into the Delete/Trash Folder.

    The downside to this idea is that a legit contact using an email address from that domain (say yahoo.com) would also be sent to the Delete/Trash folder. A work around for this problem is to set up a separate email account as suggested above and apply the filter to that address only.

Above are just a few ideas on fighting spam.

Spam is costly on all accounts. It takes up your valuable time, drains web resources and fills your mailbox with junk instead of valuable/legitimate email correspondance.

If each person using email took more precautions when giving out their email addresses then the spammers would soon be out of business.

Sources for More Fighting Spam Information

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