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Editing Email Account Outgoing Mail Server

Editing Email Account Outgoing Mail Server

ISP (Internet Service Providers) have started to limit their customers to using only their Outgoing Mail Servers for the accounts set up in their email programs. This is their attempt to curtail the use of their mail servers to send out spam.

Although this is appreciated by those of us who receive spam mail it is most frustrating for legitimate email users.

In this tutorial we will learn how to fix Outgoing Mail Server problems.

What You Will Need to Change the Outgoing Mail Server Information

To change the Outgoing Mail Server information you will need:

  • The Outgoing Mail Server information from your ISP (or another email account that lets you send mail through their server)

    If you don’t have this information visit your ISP’s website or call their Techincal Support to get this informaiton

Reset Outgoing Mail Server Information

To solve the problem of not being able to send mail from one of your email accounts that isn’t with your ISP you have to reset the Outgoing Mail Server information.

Note: These instructions are for Outlook Express and Outlook. If you are using another email program the instructions would be similar.

  1. Open the Internet Connection screen.

    Left click the Tools menu in the top menu bar then left click the Accounts menu item from the list that appears.

  2. Left click the Mail tab if it is not already selected.

    The Mail tab exposes all the email accounts you have set up.

  3. Left click the Account name for the email account you need to fix.

    If you can’t see the name, use the scroll bar in the Internet Accounts screen to move down the list.

  4. Once the Account name is selected, left click the Properties button on the right.

    The Account Properties window will open.

  5. Left click the Servers tab at the top of the Account Properties screen.

    The email server information screen will appear.

  6. At the top of the Servers tab screen there is the Server Information.

    Left click in the text box beside Outgoing Mail (SMTP).

  7. Change the Outgoing Mail information to the Outgoing Mail Server information your ISP provided.

    When you signed up with your ISP they would/should have provided this information.

  8. Once you have changed the Outgoing Mail Server information left click the Ok button at the bottom of the window.

    The Internet Accounts screen reappears.

  9. Left click the Close button at the bottom of the Internet Accounts screen.

    The Internet Accounts screen disappears.

That’s it! You are done.

Now all you have to do is test that you can now send email using this Outlook Express (Outlook) account name.

Testing Revised Outgoing Mail Server Information

To test that you have solved the Outgoing Mail Server problem, send yourself a test email from this Outlook Express (Outlook) account name to one of your other email accounts (or to a friend if you only have one email account).

Your email should be at the email address you sent the test email to.

If you get a message back from your ISP that the email couldn’t be sent, double check that you sent it to a valid email address first. Check that you have set up the account properly in Outlook Express (Outlook). If the email is a valid email address and you have the account set up properly then call you ISP Technical Support for further help.

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