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Create Yahoo! ID Account

Create Yahoo! ID Account

To use some of the services provided by Yahoo! you need a Yahoo! id. This id is used for things like your Yahoo! profile, Yahoo! Messenger, a Yahoo! email address and Yahoo! Site Explorer to name a few.

Sign Up for a Yahoo! Id

  1. Yahoo! Account Registration Page

    Go to the Yahoo! registration page.

  2. Personal Information

    The top section of the registration covers:

    • Your name
    • Gender
    • Birthday
    • Country you are from.
    • Your postal code/zip code.
  3. Select an ID and Password

    • First is you Yahoo! id and email address.

      The id portion is to have 4 to 32 characters. Your id must start with a letter and can contain numbers, letters, underscores (not hyphens) and a dot.

      Once you have filled in your chosen name (id) click the check link to the right of the email address line to verify it is formatted correctly and available.

      If not available or done incorrectly, the page will show you it is incorrect or not available. If everything is ok, the password box will appear below the email address line.

    • Enter your password.
    • Re enter your password to confirm
  4. Alternate Email Address

    Enter an alternative email address. One that you check and will be keeping like an email address at your website.

    This email address will be used if you should need to recover your password

  5. Secret Questions

    These secret questions are used to confirm your identity when recovering your password or id.

    Select a secret question and type in the answer below.

    Select a second secret question and type in the answer below.

  6. Fill in the Captcha and Submit

    Fill in the Captcha, and you are done once you click the Create My Account button below it.

You are returned to the Yahoo! home page if it did now work. If it did work, you will be presented with the Yahoo! Registration Confirmation page.

Once you log into Yahoo! as you move around different sections of the site you maybe asked to login again. This is a security procaution.

Now that you have a Yahoo! id you can customize things like your Yahoo! home page, create your Yahoo! profile and other services Yahoo! provides.

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