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Create a Google Profile

Create a Google Profile

Thought of creating a Google profile? With a Google profile page you can:

  • Share your content on the web.
  • Links to your blogs.
  • Online photos from Picasa and Flickr.
  • Links to your other online profiles like Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Create a bio about yourself on your About tab.
  • Provide contact information and enable send me a messge.

Create a Google Plus Profile

  1. You will need a Google account first.
  2. Go to Create Your Profile at Google.
  3. Over on the right is a button Create my profile, click it.

    Switches to Google account login box

  4. Log into your Google account.

    Next screen asks you to update your password recovery information. Update it then click Save and continue button at the bottom of the page.

    You now are taken to your profile page.

  5. In the top right, beside your login name there is a Edit my Profile link, click it.

    You are taken to the Edit your profile page. On your Edit your profile page the About tab is activated.

About Tab Google Profile

  1. On the About tab the first part is where you:
    • Fill in your first and last name.
    • Upload a picture of yourself.
    • Fill in your nickname.
    • Other names.
    • What sex you are. There is the option to not to say if you prefer to keep this confidential.

    To the right of your name section you have the following choices:

    • To display your full name so you can be found in searches.
    • Allow people to contact you without knowing your email address.
    • To display those who you follow and the people who are following you.
  2. The second part of your About tab is where you can enter more personal stuff about you:
    • Where you grew up.
    • Where you live now and where you have lived.
    • What your profession is, current employer, past employers and schools you are currently attending or have attended.
  3. There is a box a bit lower down on the About tab where you can add a short bio.

    An HTML editor is available to format your text and add links.

  4. Below the bio section is where you can add links.

    This is where you can add links to your other online profiles and website.

  5. Check your information over. Google shows you your profile link to share.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page can click Save changes.

That’s it! You have now completed the About tab of your Google profile.

Photos Tab Google Profile

The photos tab is where you add a photo strip at the top of your profile.

  1. Click the Photos link beside the About link at the top of the screen.

    Switches to the photo editing screen.

  2. Picasa is selected by default.

    If you do not have a Picasa account yet or if you photos are not public, Google will let you know it can not find one for you using this user name/Google account.

    Click add photos if you have a Picasa account under this user account.

  3. The next option is Flickr.

    Click the circle (radio button) beside Flickr if you want to add photos from your Flickr account.

    Enter your Flickr username, ID, or email address the click the Check button to the right.

    Click the Add photos button below to add photos from your Flickr account.

  4. The third option is where you can add another photo service you use.

    Click the circle (radio button) beside Other photo service.

    Fill in the url or feed of your photo service you wish to add then click the Find feed button to the right.

    Click the Add photos below to add photos from your other photo service.

You are now finished adding photos to your Google profile.

Next thing to fill out is your contact information.

Contact Info Tab Google Profile

There is a note on the this screen that the information you enter on this page is not public unless you decide to make it public.

  1. Click the Contact Info link beside the Photo links at the top of the screen.

    Switches to the Contact Info screen.

  2. On the Contact Info screen you can add:
    • Email addresses
    • Addresses
    • Phone numbers including your mobile
    • Instant messenging user name
    • Your birthday (just month and day)
  3. Next select who can see this contact information.
    • Your contacts group
    • Your friends group
    • Your family group
    • Your co-workers group
  4. When you are all done, scroll down to the bottom and click Save changes.

With your Google profile now complete, you can start sharing your profile link with friends, family, co-workers and anyone else you wish.

Be sure to keep your Google profile up to date. It is yet another way for people to find you on the net!

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