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Create Account at Google

Create Account at Google

Create Google Account

To use the services available at Google you need a Google account first.

What Services Can I Access with My Google Account?

Google provides a number of services. Below are a few of the services you might use as a business owner:

Security Note Regarding Google Accounts and Services

Your Google Account is hooked up with all the Google Services you use therefore, if you decide to have someone manage your Google Analytics account for you they will have access to all the other services you use at Google. Consider creating a separate account for the business services you will be using for your website so if you hire someone to manage these services for you, they don’t have access to your Gmail account or any other personal services you use at Google.

How to Create an Account at Google

Before you can create an account at Google you will need an email address and a strong password in mind The password needs to be at least 8 characters long.

  1. Go to the Create an Account page.
  2. The first piece of information they ask for is an email address. This will be part of your login information.

    Fill in an existing email address you have.

  3. Next, they want a password.

    Type in your chosen password in the box next to Choose a password:

    Over on the right of the box where you typed the password it will indicate how strong your password is.

  4. In the next box down retype your password.
  5. Decide if you want to stay logged in.

    By default the stay logged in box is checked. This puts a cookie on the computer where you are working to keep you logged in at Google. This is fine if the machine is your own but if you are doing this on a public machine (e.g. at the library) then uncheck it because you probably will forget to log out when you leave. If you don’t logout at the library then the next person to use the machine has access to your account.

  6. The next thing to consider is Web History.

    Creating a Google Account will enable Web History. Web History is a feature
    that will provide you with a more personalized experience on Google that
    includes more relevant search results and recommendations.

    What this means is Google is going to track what sites you visit and then start presenting sites in the results that they think suit your past web searching history.

  7. Default Homepage is next. It is checked by default to change your homepage to Google.

    If you leave this checked, the homepage of your browser will be reset to use Google’s search page as your home page when the browser is opened.

  8. Location

    Your location is preselected for you based on the IP address of the computer you are using.

  9. Next is the captcha to verify you are a human.

    An image with a word is shown.

    Below the image is a box for you to type in the word. There is a handicapped symbol to the right of the box for those visually impaired.

    Type in the word you see in the image.

  10. The last thing before creating your Google account is to read the Terms of Service agreement.

    Be sure to read Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy if you are not familiar with them. The links provided on their page open in a new window.

  11. One last thing to do. Click the I accept. Create my account button.

Once you click the I accept. Create my account button you are taken to a screen showing confirmation that the account has been created.

Within the message on the page it tells you that Google has sent you an email to the address given and you have to click the link in that email to confirm the process.

Verifying Your Google Account

Once you clicked the Create my account button an automated email is sent to the email address you gave at the beginning of the account creation process.

In the email is a link for you to click to verify the account. When you click it you are taken to a page at Google Accounts thanking you for confirming your account signup.

In the email you received it specifically says:

***NOTE*** Please print this page for your records. You’ll need your verification
link if you lose access to your account (for example, if you forget your username
or password).

So heed the warning by printing out the email and putting it somewhere safe!

Update February 10, 2011: Google has implemented a 2 step verification system. Matt Cutts, Google Spam Department talks about this here: Google launches two-factor authentication

Using Your Google Account

As described at the beginning of this article, there are lots of Google services available for you to use for free once you have a Google Account.

If you have not closed the Account Creation Confirmation tab/window yet, up in the top right is a link to My Account.

Once you click the My Account link you are taken to a page showing the Google services and features you have available to you.

Start by setting up a Gmail account or set up your Google profile. Maybe you would be more interested in Google Alerts, Adsense, Adwords or want to find a Google Group to join. None of those services of interest? Click the more link in the bottom right of the page to explore more Google services available.

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