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Create Email Signature Yahoo Mail

Create Email Signature Yahoo Mail

If you have not already read our Email Signature tutorial you really should. Providing contact information in each and every email you send is not only a free way to promote your business or website it helps to receiver of the email to contact you via other means.

In this tutorial we will create an email signature using Yahoo! Mail.

Updated January 2012 to reflex the new Yahoo! Mail settings.

Create an Email Signature in Yahoo! Mail

  1. Log into your Yahoo! email account.
  2. Click the down arrow beside the Options link in the top left of the screen and select Mail options.

    Screen will change to the Mail Options screen with Signature screen selected.

  3. On the right at the top there is a dropdown list where you can select:
    1. Don’t use a signature

      You can use this to turn off inserting a signature to your Yahoo! Mail emails.

    2. Show a plain text signature

      A plain text signature does not have any formatting. Some of the people or email groups you belong to may only accept plain text messages (including signatures) so this maybe the safest selection so everyone can see your email signature information.

    3. Show a rich text signature

      A formatting toolbar appears when you select this option.

      Select this option if you wish to include an image in your signature and use formatting for your signature. Remember that those who have their email software set to text only plus some of your email groups will not allow your formatting and images to render (be seen).

  4. In the empty text box type the information you wish to have in your email signature.
  5. Click in the checkbox beside Add signature to all outgoing mail under the text box where you just typed your email signature. This option has been removed from the screen. You either include a signature or not now.
  6. As you move away from this screen by clicking one of the other links on the left of the screen or one of the tabs at the top your signature is saved.

Now you have an email signature that will be added to each email you compose. Let’s try it out.

Test Email Signature in Yahoo! Mail

If you have done everything correctly, each emai you now create will have your email signature.

  1. Click the Compose button in the top left of the Yahoo! Mail screen’s left navigation bar.

    The screen will change to an empty email with your signature automatically inserted.

  2. Test your email signature by sending yourself a test message.

    Fill in the To (another email address you have), Subject (how about Testing Yahoo! Mail Signature) and body of the email.

  3. Click Send in the top left corner of the center section.

Now, pick up the email you just sent to yourself to see how it turned out. If it needs improvement, just repeat the steps above and send yourself another test email from your Yahoo! Mail account.

That’s it! Now each email you send from you Yahoo! Mail account will include your email signature.

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19 Responses to “ Create Email Signature Yahoo Mail ”

  1. berger says:

    There is no HTML button in my yahoo mail signature..
    Nobody knows why.
    Do you ?

    • berger,
      When you are in the Signature screen, click the Rich Text on the top right of the box for your signature. This changes the box below to a HTML editor.

      Here, you can use/type as if you were using a word processor.

  2. willy anderson says:

    where is the ” option link”?Looking at my screen the word “options” does not exist anywhere. Anywhere. Anywhere.

    • The options link is in the top right of the screen (under the search box), once you log into your Yahoo! mail account.

      • af says:

        My Yahoo Canada account has an “options” button but there is no “mail options” in the dropdown menu. Somehow I got a signature on there once but I’d like to change it now and can’t figure out how.

        • Yahoo! has updated their mail system. The options link has moved to the top left of the screen if your mail account has been updated. Mail options is under that link in a dropdown menu, click it. On the left of the screen there is a link for your signature.

  3. Jan says:

    I have Yahoo small business account and had to “click” on the Accounts link on the right within the options page.
    Then I could edit the account signiture for all emails associated with the domain

  4. marge says:

    hey thanks,

    I struggled to change my address until I read your simply explained way to do it. So grateful.

  5. Nathi says:

    Thanks, i read your small tutorial and struggled a bit but it was nice and smooth :-)

  6. Butlergroup says:

    I created a signature in yahoo business mail — followed the steps you have nicely outlined — but now I can’t delete or edit it…
    What am I not doing correctly?
    I have gone through the steps to edit and identity, clicked the save buttons, signed out and resigned it — and the incorrect info keeps coming back to taunt me…
    Help would be appreciated..

  7. Please Help says:

    I want to copy my business logo into my signature can I?

  8. Jackie S says:

    On my yahoo mail, it is updated, so the steps you said for making a signature are different. there is an option button on the right hand side, but it is only to set the color and move the news up and down.


    • Yes, it has changed a bit since I originally wrote this.

      1. Left click the Options link on the right and select Mail Options.
      2. The navigation for Mail Options is on the left. Left click the Signature link.

      You can now edit your signature.

  9. Jo says:

    Can you put a picture in your signature?

  10. Nikita says:

    Yes, Yahoo has changed since you posted. But how do we now add an image as a signature in the new Yahoo?

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