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How to Create a Windows Live Id

How to Create a Windows Live Id

Just like Google, Microsoft and their search engine Bing provide services to webmasters and general users of their services. To use these services you need to sign up for a Windows Live Id.

If you use Hotmail, Messenger or Xbox LIVE, you already have a Windows Live ID.

Sign up – Windows Live

Sign Up for a Windows Live Id

The process for signing up for a Windows Live Id is quite simple.

  1. Go to the Create your Windows Live ID page.

    The page you are taken to has a form to fill out.

  2. Fill in the form fields:

    All information requested is required.

    • Email address.

      You can use any email address you have or choose to left click the link provided to create a Windows Live email address.

      The email address you use here will be your Windows Live Id (user name). It will also be used when you forget your password to send reset password instructions.

    • Create a password with a minimum of 6 characters.

      It is best to use a longer password with 7-16 characters, mixing letters, numbers and mixing upper and lower case letters.

      You can open a new tab/window in your browser and use PCTools Secure Password Generator to create one. Writ it down! Once you close the tab/window it will be lost.

    • Retype your password.

      Enter the exact same password you just did in the previous step.

    • Phone number.

      Select your country first. The box below will change to show you how to fill in your phone number.

      This phone number is used when you need to reset your password. A text or automated message will be sent to this number providing a code you need to reset your password.

      The form will enter the brackets and hyphens applicable to how your phone number is to be entered.

    • Your name.

      Fill in your first and last name in the next 2 fields.

      This is how your friends and others will find you within the Windows Live system.

    • Select your country.

      Select your country from the dropdown list of countries provided.

    • Fill in your postal/zip code.

      Type in your postal/zip code in the next box.

    • Select your gender.

      Left click in the appropriate radio button (circle) to select your gender.

    • Birth date

      Select the date you were born, month and year.

    • Fill in the captcha shown.

      If you can not read the captcha, left click the New link for it to show you an new one or you can try the audio link to hear what the image is showing.

    • Decide if you want to be put on their mailing list or not.

      Box is checked by default. Uncheck it by left clicking in the box to undo the check if you do not want to be put on the mailing list.

    • Read the Microsoft service agreement and privacy statement by left clicking the links provided.

      A new tab/window opens when you click each of these.

    • Left click the I agree button at the bottom of the page to proceed.

      Screen changes to verify your email screen.

  3. Verify your email.

    As explained on the verify your email screen, the email you used to sign up for Windows Live Id will be sent an email to verify you have indeed signed up.

    This email will arrive within moments. You need to click the link in the confirmation email to verify you have signed up with Windows Live Id.

    Clicking the link in this email opens your default browser to the Welcome to Windows Live screen confirming verfification.

    Note: You are also now logged into the Windows Live system. Look in the top right and you will see your name with a link to your profile and a log out link under your name.

At this point you should click the profile link in the top right of the Welcome to Windows Live screen to review your profile and adjust any privacy settings you need to.

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