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Choosing between Outlook Express and Outlook

Choosing between Outlook Express and Outlook

With so many different email programs available it is hard to make a choice. If you have narrowed your choices down to Outlook Express or Outlook here’s an a bit of information to help you decide which email client would be better for you.

What are the differences between Outlook Express and Outlook?

Outlook Express is an email program provided by Microsoft with their Windows operating systems. It is a free email client program.

Outlook on the other hand is a stand alone time management and contact management program also developed by Microsoft. Outlook is a part of Microsoft’s Office suite of programs and Exchange Server.

How Do I Decide Which Client to Use?

Outlook Express

Outlook Express is the right email client for you if:

  • You need a simple email program to pickup emails and newsgroup postings.
  • You are a home user and do not require time management or contact management features other than an address book to keep track of your friends, family and business aquaintances.

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Outlook is the right email client for you if:

  • You require more complete email, time management and contact management features for your large or small business.
  • You require integration between your emails, time management and contact management information with your other Office suite of products.
  • You require communication and coordination between other members of your staff.

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A more detailed comparison of Outlook Express and Outlook is available at Microsoft’s Differences between Outlook and Outlook Express.

Revised: January 18, 2006

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