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Blogging Category Archive

New to blogging? We have all kinds of blogging tutorials avaiable. Just take a look below.

Blogging Subcategories

The Blogging category archive of posts has been further divided into the following subcategories:

WordPress Theme Basics Explained

Learn what Wordpress themes are, the basic files contained within a Wordpress theme and the Wordpress theme hierarchy.

Create a Gravatar

Improve your world wide prescence by learning what a Gravatar is, how to create a Gravatar and how to use a Gravatar.

Backing Up Your WordPress Blog

Learn how to backup your Wordpress blog for safe keeping without relying on your web hosting backup or plugins to do it correctly.

Self Install WordPress

Learn how to self install Wordpress on your web hosting account instead of using the push button installation available in your web hosting control panel for better control over your Wordpress blog installation.

Which Blogging Software to Use?

Creating a blog is just like creating a website. You need to do some planning first. Reviews free blogging software and self hosted blogging software.

Explain Blogging Please

You have heard a lot about blogging when doing research on how to promote your business but what is blogging. As we covered in what is a blog, a blog (short for weblog) is an online journal. In this article we will cover: Explain Blogging Blogs in Plain English What is a Blog Comprised of? […]

What is a Blog?

Learn what a blog is, what a blog is comprised of and different terms related to blogging.