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Basic Internet Skills

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Create Yahoo! ID Account

Yahoo! has a bunch of services available. You need a Yahoo! id to use them. Learn how to sign up for a Yahoo! id.

Verify Site Ownership Google Webmaster Tools

To start using Google Webmaster Tools you first have to add your site to your Webmaster Tools account then verify site ownership. We will be covering the two easier ways to verify site ownership for the average website/blog owner. Verifying ownership for Google Webmaster Tools seems to be a problem for some people. Not sure […]

Yahoo! Site Explorer Overview

If you like to collect statistics about your website or blog you may want to add Yahoo!’s Site Explorer to your source of statistics. Like Google’s Webmaster Tools, this is a web based service. i.e. you have to login to see the information collected.

Yahoo! Site Explorer does provide some information (that anyone can see) without site ownership verification but to get all the information Yahoo! has you have to register your site and verify ownership.

Google Webmaster Tools Overview

Google Webmaster Tools provides website and blog owners with a free set of statistics about their site. You might consider using Google Webmaster Tools if your web hosting does not provide a very good statistics program or want to supplement your web hosting stats program with additional information. All that is required to get started is a Google Account and going through the verification process.

What is a FTP Client?

Learn what a FTP client is, how you can use FTP to upload and download files and content to your website or blog, how FTP clients work and how to set up your FTP client software.

How to Create a Google Alert

Create a Google Alert to monitor your online reputation, your business name mentions, your backlinks and more! You can create a Google Alert with or without a Google Account. Learn how.

Create Account at Google

Google has many services available for you to use for free. Some of the services provided require that you have a Google account. Learn how to create a Google account so you can take advantage of all these free Google services.

How to Email Photos in Windows

How to email photos in Windows. Email a single photo or multiple photos from your email client without using the photo software you have.

The New Yahoo! Search

Yahoo! Search has a new look as of September 22, 2009. Seems they have decided to go for a sleeker look.

Looks like Yahoo! has made some changes for the good. We’ll post more as we try out each feature.

Sending Emails

Once you have composed your email, it’s time to send it. You’ll need to set who you will be sending the email to.

Sending emails is a common business and personal task these days. Use your and your contacts time efficiently by only using this tool when really necessary.