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Internet Basics

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RSS Feed Reader – Keep Up to Date & Monitor Brand

Learn how to use a RSS feed reader to keep up to date with your favourite websites and blogs. Use a RSS feed reader also to monitor your brand and own sites.

Create a Gravatar

Improve your world wide prescence by learning what a Gravatar is, how to create a Gravatar and how to use a Gravatar.

What is a FTP Client?

Learn what a FTP client is, how you can use FTP to upload and download files and content to your website or blog, how FTP clients work and how to set up your FTP client software.

Websites Loading Slowly

Isn’t it annoying when a website loads slowly? Surveys show that Internet users are very impatient people. They will not wait for slow websites to load unless they know why. e.g. They are visiting a photography gallery with high quality images that they know will be worth the wait. So, why do web pages load […]

What is the Internet

How the Internet process Works and how you connect to the internet.