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Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Category Archive

Leave Copy of Email on Email Server

Learn how to leave a copy of your emails on the email server when picking up your business emails via a remote computer, your laptop or cell phone.

How to Create Email Account Outlook Express and Outlook

Learn how to set up email accounts in Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook.

Editing Account Name Properties Outlook Express-Outlook

When you set up an Outlook Express or Outlook email account the program, by default, uses the Incoming Mail Server information as the Account name. This isn’t very useful plus if you have a number of email accounts at the same email account provider it can be confusing. In this tutorial we will look at […]

Sort Order of Mail Outlook Express-Outlook

Do you like how your mail is sorted in Outlook Express or Outlook? Need to find a particular email from a certain person? Want to have your mail sorted by date received with the most recent at the top? The mail in any of your Inbox folders can be sorted any way your wish. When […]

Create Email Signature Outlook

As explained in Email Signature it is important to the success of your business to include an email signature in all your email correspondance. To see what should be in your signature refer to Email Signature These instructions are for Outlook. If you are using Outlook Express please refer to Create Email Signature Outlook Express […]

Organize Outlook Emails

This tutorial is written assuming you are using Microsoft’s Outlook (not Outlook Express) as your email program. The instructions for Outlook Express are available at Organize Outlook Express Email. If you are using another email program you should be able to figure out your specific program after you read this tutorial. The tutorial is also […]