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Internet Browsers

Internet Browsers Category Archive

Hints and how tos for the most popular internet browsers past and present. Have a look below. We have tutorials for Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer available.

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Google Chrome Beta is Out

Google has released their Google Chrome browser for download to Windows XP and Vista machines today in approximately 100 countries. Download Google Chrome (BETA) for Windows Google Chrome is available for download at the Google Chrome home page. Before installing, be sure to read the terms of service. ReadWriteWeb has an interesting post about a […]

ClearType for HTML

One of the first things you might notice after installing Internet Explorer 7 is that the type on the page seems darker. Internet Explorer 7 has ClearType for HTML turned on by default (if you weren’t paying attention when IE 7 was being installed or didn’t know what ClearType for HTML was on the list […]

Internet Explorer 7 Released

Today on the IE Blog it was announced that Internet Explorer has been released. “Today we released Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP. I encourage everyone to download the final version from http://www.microsoft.com/ie. …” Source:  IEBlog : Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP Available Now There is another post on the IE Blog regarding the release […]

Internet Explorer 7 Coming Soon

Microsoft’s latest version of Internet Explorer is due to be released soon. On the IEBlog Microsoft announced on October 6, 2006 the latest version of Internet Explorer (now called Windows Internet Explorer) will be released to consumers very soon. The post was directed to website owners and web designers/developers asking if the website(s) in their […]

Change Default Browser

How to change the default browser that opens when you click a link in an email or try to open an HTML file stored on your computer.

Organize Favorites Internet Explorer 6

When you look in your Favorites list of bookmarks is there one great long list? Do you remember why you bookmarked each and every page? Organizing the bookmarks in your Favorites list will be a time saver. In this tutorial you will learn how to organize all those bookmarks into subfolders within the Favorites list. […]

Bookmark Web Page Internet Explorer 6

Bookmarking a web page for future reference can be a time saver. Once a web page has been added to your Favorites simply click Favorites in the browser top menu bar or the Favorites icon at the top of the browser window, navigate to the bookmarked page you wish to visit and click the shortcut […]

Clear Web Browser History Firefox

In Web Browser History we discussed why you might want to clear the web browser history of your browser. In Firefox Web Browser History we discussed how to set up Firefox to limit the amount of web browsing history kept by Firefox. In this article we are going to cover how to clear the web […]

Clear Web Browser History Internet Explorer 6

In Web Browser History we discussed why you might want to limit the amount of web browser history is kept in your web browser. Internet Explorer web browser history can be set up to limit the amount of web browser history. To learn how to do this see our Internet Explorer Web Browser History article. […]

Firefox Web Browser History

In Web Browser History we discussed some reasons why someone would want to limit the amount of web browser history kept in their browser history. Firefox can be set up to limit the amount of browser history kept on your computer. It can be set to keep no web browser history or a specific number […]