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Basic Internet Skills

Basic Internet Skills Category Archive

Want to learn some basic internet skills to make surfing the net easier and safer? We have a collection on basic internet skills posts below which include how to use different browsers, email, Google services and Yahoo! services.

Basic Internet Skills Subcategories

The Basic Internet Skills category archive of posts has been further divided into the following subcategories:

RSS Feed Reader – Keep Up to Date & Monitor Brand

Learn how to use a RSS feed reader to keep up to date with your favourite websites and blogs. Use a RSS feed reader also to monitor your brand and own sites.

Site Ownership Verification Bing Webmaster Tools

The last few posts we have covered getting a Windows Live Id, done a review of what is included in the Bing Webmaster Tools and how to register a site with Bing Webmaster Tools. In this article we will complete the registration of a site with Bing Webmaster Tools process by verifying your website ownership. […]

Register Site with Bing Webmaster Tools

As explained in our Bing Webmstaster Tools Overview post there is lots of information you can get from Bing about how it sees your site or blog on the web. In this article we will register with Bing Webmaster Tools. You may want to read this tutorial once before actually performing the task of registering […]

Bing Webmaster Tools Overview

Any information you can get from the search engines about how they see your site or blog is helpful. After the amalgamation of certain services provided by Bing and Yahoo! the Yahoo! the Yahoo! Site Explorer was closed down. On June 6, 2012 Bing announced that it was now including Site Explorer within Bing Webmaster […]

How to Create a Windows Live Id

Microsoft/Bing provide services useful to webmasters and for personal use. To use these services, you need a Windows Live Id. Learn how to sign up for a Windows Live ID.

How to Set Up a Google Analytics Account

Setting up a Google Analytics account is not too difficult. You can expand on the basic instructions provided in this tutorial by setting up reports, goals and linking it to your Adwords account.

Google Analytics is a great supplement to your web log reports available on your web hosting account or if you don’t have web log stats available with your hosting account.

Improve Internal Linking Using Google Webmaster Tools

Internal link building is one of the easiest search engine optimization tasks you can do yourself. Learn how to use Google Webmaster Tools to find pages on your site that need some internal link loving.

Create a Gravatar

Improve your world wide prescence by learning what a Gravatar is, how to create a Gravatar and how to use a Gravatar.

Create a Google Profile

Created a Google profile yet? Learn how with our create a Google profile tutorial.

Site Ownership Verification Yahoo! Site Explorer

Yahoo! Site Explorer gives you detailed information about your website or blog once registered and site ownership has been verified.

To verify ownership of your sites at Yahoo! you need to log into your Yahoo! account first. If you do not have a Yahoo! Id yet, see Create Yahoo! ID Account first to sign up.