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Open File in Windows

Windows is a difficult program/operating system to learn because there so many ways to do the same thing. Below are a couple of ways to open a file in Windows. You might have been shown another way to do this. It doesn’t mean what you have been shown is wrong. You were just shown a […]

Save File in Windows

Saving a file in Windows is quite simple. Each program you have should have a top toolbar with a menu item called File on the far left of the toolbar. This is the menu item that you use to save a file and have control over where the files is saved and how it is […]

How to Make a Folder in Windows

Learn how to make a folder on a Windows computer.

Backing Up Files

Have you ever lost all your data? Been infected by a virus which resulted in having to format your computer? Had a hard drive failure? Had a bad installation of a program? These are some of the causes for lost data. Lost data includes all the documents created in the programs you use. This data […]

Change Screen Resolution On the Fly

Ever wish you could change the resolution of your monitor on the fly?

Sometimes web pages are built with such small font or images that they may not be readable on your monitor. Or, if you are building a web page yourself you should check the page in different resolutions to see how others with different resolutions will see your page.

There are plugins and programs you can download to do this but there is also an easy way to change screen resolution on the fly in Windows.

Create Windows Toolbar

A Windows toolbar can be created for any folder on your computer. Having a Windows toolbar for those files and programs you use regularly can be a time saver. With this tutorial we will create a Windows toolbar for browser shortcuts but the methods can be adapted to create a Windows toolbar for your favourite folder, the working copy of your website or even to have one for your web favourites.