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Desktop Shortcuts

Desktop Shortcuts Category Archive

Here in the Desktop Shortcuts archive you will find posts on how to add a desktop shortcut, delete a desktop shortcut, edit your desktop shortcuts and arrange desktop shortcuts.

Delete a Desktop Shortcut

At times your desktop can get cluttered with desktop shortcuts and program icons making it hard to find things on the desktop and generally makes it cluttered.

When your desktop gets to a point where it is suffering from “desktop clutter” it’s time to delete a desktop shortcut or two.

Arrange Desktop Shortcuts

Continuing with our desktop shortcuts series, now that you have created a custom desktop shortcut, you are probably wondering how to organize all the desktop shortcuts you have.

Rename Desktop Shortcuts

When you create a desktop shortcut, by default Windows adds Shortcut to in front of the file or folder name the shortcut is for.

If you decide to use Auto Arrange to arrange the desktop shortcuts on your Windows desktop, all the icons with Shortcut to will be grouped.

Also, with Shortcut to added to the beginning of the name of the shortcut, the name of the file or folder the desktop shortcut is for may not be visible. By default, Windows only allows a certain amount of space below the desktop icon for it’s name.

How to Create a Desktop Shortcut

In this second article about desktop shortcuts we will cover how to create a desktop shortcut for a file or folder on your computer and one for a web page on the Internet.

Desktop Shortcuts

Ever noticed when you install a program an icon appears on your desktop? These icons are desktop shortcuts, which when clicked, open the program associated with it.

You can create your own desktop shortcuts also.