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Bing Webmaster Tools Overview

Bing Webmaster Tools Overview

Any information you can get from the search engines about how they see your site or blog is helpful. After the amalgamation of certain services provided by Bing and Yahoo! the Yahoo! the Yahoo! Site Explorer was closed down. On June 6, 2012 Bing announced that it was now including Site Explorer within Bing Webmaster Tools along with some other new features.

Information Provided within Bing Webmaster Tools

Once you have signed up for a Bing Webmaster Tools account and verified your website with Bing you will have access to the following information about your website or blog:

  • The last date your website/blog was crawled by Bing.
  • The number of pages you have indexed at Bing.
  • The authority page score your website/blog has.
  • If your website/blog has been deindexed at Bing.
  • A list of incoming links Bing sees for your site.

    You can download this list (up to 1000 links) to a CSV file for your own records or if you have changed your url structure/web address you have the list of people who are linking to you that you can ask/notify that the address has changes and could they please update on their site. Doing this will help the search engines update their index for the new location (all the search engines, not just Bing).

  • Any crawl issues Bing’s bot had when visiting your site.
  • Broken links you have.
  • Whether Bing has found malware on your site.
  • Which pages/areas you have blocked Bing from accessing via your robot.txt file.
  • File types you are using which Bing does not support.
  • Really long urls (web page addresses) that you should fix.
  • Keywords your site showed up for in searches and how it faired with other pages in the search results.
  • Submit your XML Sitemap.

Bing Webmaster Tools Update June 2012

The June 2012 update to Bing’s Webmaster Tools included:

  • A new look.

    • Easier access to your data.
    • Better navigation.
    • New interface for My Sites area.

      If you only have one site verified with Bing you will be taken directly to that site’s dashboard when you log in.

    • Ability to change the range of data presented and/or access that particular set of data via a link.
    • Site activity data presented a graph.
  • Link explorer

    Ability to examine internal and external links Bing knows about.

  • SEO Reports

    SEO reports run for each of the domains in your account covering 15 SEO points complete with notes if you are incompliance with the best practices of SEO. Deeper detailed reports are available via a link provided for each page.

  • SEO Analyzer

    You can scan any page within your verified site and show a SEO report for that specific page. This will be a good tool for new pages as a check that you have covered all your search engine optimization bases before carrying onto your next new page.

  • Fetch as Bingbot

    Have Bing’s bot fetch a page on your site and show you how the bot sees it.

  • Canonical Alerts

    Check that you are using the rel=”canonical” tag correctly.

  • URL Removal Tool

    Block a page from appearing in Bing’s index.

  • Keyword Research Tool

    Do keyword research for multiple keyword phrases at the same time. You can even check across multiple countries.

  • URL Normalization

Lots of valuable data available via the Bing Webmaster Tools. Wouldn’t hurt to add this to your search engine optimization toolkit for comparision with the data you get from Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics plus possibly supplement that information.

You will need a Windows Live ID first then you need to sign up for a Bing Webmaster Tools account and verify your domain ownership.

Bing’s Duane Forrester at SEOmoz

The whiteboard session for June 7, 2012 at SEOmoz included a video of Bing’s Duane Forrester explaining the new features in Bing Webmaster Tools.

There is a video and transcript of the video available at Phoenix Rising: Bing’s New Webmaster Tools – Whiteboard Friday

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