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How Basic Computer Information Started

How Basic Computer Information Started

Computer Basics – Basic Computer Information’s Start

Computer Basics was created to supplement the Basic HTML 4.01 tutorials taught in the Website Development Training class offered through GNC Web Creations’ free Search Engine Optimization class and the lessons in HTML 4.01 Basics Simplified.

It has expanded to include basic computer skills and basic webmaster skills that my web design clients need as website owners.

Basic Computer Skills in General

I have noticed that a lot of people who use computers only know how to do specific tasks related to their job and/or immediate needs. When something comes up out of their comfort zone they have to rely on someone else to do the task for them (either a coworker, their kids or a paid professional). This isn’t really necessary. There are basic computer skills you can learn to do for yourself.

Webmaster Basic Computer Skills

As a website owner, webmaster or web designer, there are some basic computer skills that are very helpful while creating websites and while maintaining websites.

With my Web Design/Web Development business I help my clients setup email accounts, explain how to access their webspace, and how to pick up their website emails via their home and/or office computer plus many other computer skills that I take for granted.

Goal of Computer Basics – Basic Computer Information

It is the goal of this resource to provide basic computer skills that the average user, small business owners who have a website and web designers/webmasters will need.

Over time, more and more computer basics and other basic computer information will be added as I run into issues that a person can take care of themselves instead of relying on others for help.

Enjoy your visit!

Yours truly,

Computer Basics at Basic Computer Information dot ca.

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